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Here is instruction to activate your Files im Premium Key

1. You will receive a Premium key / Premium code like this: 1760v5x2cbo381XXXXX

2. Login to your Files im account (You should register your own account, if you dont have it,

3. Go to My Account page (

4. Look at Apply Premium Key field.

5. Put your premium key to that field.

1024 GB free storage

All User Can Get 1024 Free Space And Upload PDF,ZIP,APK,EXE And All Other Files.videos,music.

Fully customizable

You can add your own subtitles and logos in the video player, also you can enable or disable the video player in your file.

Earn money

Earn money every time your files downloaded from our site.

Unlimited download speed

We Not Stict Download Speed .So all Peoples Can Download Any Files at Any Time With Maximum Download Speed